Protecting With Care

Protecting With Care

Westshore Security Services Ltd.

Westshore is one of the Canada's fastest growing security services company with highly experienced and trained security professionals. Our dedicated team is always ready to help our clients with their security needs. Our team firmly believe in Protecting our clients With Care

Our Services

Concierge Security

Concierge security guards serve as your first line of defence against intruders, protecting you and your belongings from theft, damage, and danger. They serve as the go-between for all inhabitants and custodians, as well as contractors, guests, and visitors. 

Event Security 

Our security personnel can assist in assuring the success of your event, beginning with guest and premises safety, whether it's a huge conference, pop-up shop event, music and film festival, or long-awaited sporting event.

Patrol Units

Our Mobile Patrol services are a cost-effective, comprehensive solution that can handle multi-dimensional and uni-dimensional security programmes. Mobile patrols and technology are the best answer for places where full-time, stationed security personnel would be too expensive or unneeded. To safeguard our clients' premises, we execute surveillance, patrol, parking, assistance, monitoring, and inspection tasks.

Static Guards

The static security guard's duty is to essentially man a post to ensure that unauthorised individuals do not access a premises or restricted area, to safeguard property, to verify credentials, to diffuse any possible conflict or disagreements, and to generally keep a careful eye on things.